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JSW Steel
JSW Steel

JSW Steel

JSW Steel is one of the leading steel companies in the country. In the domestic market, the company’s manufacturing plant has a production capacity of 27 million tonnes. This includes Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Bare & Pre Painted Galvanized & Gailed Volume, TMT Rod and Special Steel, etc. JSW Steel Limited is an iron and steel sector company. The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹ 1,35,074 crore. The price of one share of the company is ₹ 567.40 in the BSE market today and ₹ 567.80 in the NSE market today. The Journal of Social Work (JSW) is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering research in the field of social work.

JSW Steel Stock

JSW Steel Stock Performance: Brokerage houses have mixed views on the stock after the January-March 2022 quarterly results. Most of the brokerages have given neutral ratings.

JSW Steel Stock Performance: Brokerages are advising the buy and sell of many stocks in the earnings season amid the ongoing volatility in the stock market. Metal sector company has released its March 2022 quarter results. The company’s profit has decreased by about 20 percent, but the revenue has seen a jump of 74 percent. Brokerage houses have mixed views on the stock after the January-March 2022 quarterly results. Most brokerages have kept a ‘neutral’ rating on the stock.

JSW Steel: What is the opinion of the brokerage

CLSA maintains a sell position on JSW Steel after Q4FY22. Along with this, the target price has also been reduced from Rs 550 to Rs 500. The brokerage says that Q4 EBITDA is in line with estimates. There will be underperformance due to uncertainty. The cost pressure is tremendous.

JP Morgan has rated ‘neutral’ on JSW Steel. The target price has been reduced from Rs 730 to Rs 610. Macquarie has also maintained a neutral rating on the stock. The target per share has been kept at 736.

Credit Suisse has rated ‘Underperform’. The target has been kept at 550. Jefferies has rated ‘underperform’ on JSW Steel and has reduced the target price from Rs 550 to Rs 450 per share.

Nomura has maintained its ‘neutral’ stance on the stock. The target is Rs 667 per share. The brokerage says that profitability will be under pressure in the near term. Export duty on steel will also stop the price hike.

JSW Steel: How were the Q4 results?

Metal sector company JSW Steel’s consolidated net profit declined 20.23 percent to Rs 3,343 crore in the March 2022 quarter. The company had a profit of Rs 4,191 crore during the March 2021 quarter. The company’s consolidated revenue grew 74.1 percent to Rs 46,895 crore during January-March 2022 as against Rs 26,934 crore in the same quarter last year. The company board has recommended a final dividend of Rs 17.35 per share.

(Disclaimer: The investment advice here is given by the brokerage house. This is not the view of Zee Business. Please consult your advisor before investing.)

JSW Steel
JSW Steel

JSW Steel share price Target

The company is a major company of Jindal Group. For the last several years, there was no significant growth in the company’s stock, but due to the closure of industries due to Corona, there has been a decrease in steel production. Due to the coal crisis in China, the steel production there has come to a standstill.

But the demand for steel is increasing continuously in the growing infrastructure and automobile sector all over the world. Due to low steel production in China and high demand, the share prices of all Indian companies are seeing a rise.

JSW Steel Company has also been seen benefiting from the increasing demand due to the victory of reduction in the steel production sector all over the world. For this reason, the stock was running around ₹ 100 last 18 months ago. That share is currently running around ₹ 620.
At one time, the price of the company’s share had gone up to ₹ 700. Therefore, it must be running in the minds of many investors of the company how far the share price of JSW Steel Company can go in the coming future?

So let us know that according to the stock market experts, what can be the JSW Steel Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030?

JSW Steel Share Price Target 2022

The stock of the company had seen a lot of rallies last year. Stock market experts believe that in the coming times also, due to low producers in the steel sector, due to increase in demand for steel, there may be a sharp rise in steel prices.

The benefit of which is visible to the entire steel sector of India. Due to this, the prices of steel companies will again be seen trading at their previous level in the coming days. Sumit Bagadiya of Choice Broking says that if we look at its technical chart, it seems that JSW Steel Share Price Target 2022 will have the first target of ₹ 660. After this, you can sell the share to others for ₹ 680. You can hold for a share price target.

JSW Steel Share Price Target 2023?

Friends, JSW Steel Company is the second-largest steel company in India. The company’s business is spread over 100+ countries. The company is working on new projects to increase its steel production capacity.

For setting up such new projects, the company has to take a lot of debt at times. Which hinders the growth of the company. Because a large part of the company’s profit goes towards repaying the loan installment.

JSW Steel Company has also raised a lot of debt from the market to complete its project. But the company’s management is working well on each of its new projects. And due to the increase in the price of steel in the last few days, the company’s income is seen increasing.

Due to this, the company is now able to reduce its debt. JSW Steel Company will also see the benefit of increasing steel prices in the global market. In view of this, stock market expert Prakash Gaba believes that JSW Steel Share Price Target can be seen up to 700 ₹-720 ₹ in 2023.

JSW Steel Share Price Target 2025

The Management of JSW Steel Company is paying full attention to increasing the steel production capacity of the company. Because infrastructure is increasing continuously all over the world. Our Government of India is also seen paying a lot of attention to infrastructure development.
The demand for steel in the automobile sector is also increasing continuously. Due to this, the prices of steel will be seen increasing very much in the coming time, and the number of customers of JSW Steel Company may also see an increase.

If the company’s management is able to produce steel according to the market demand, then in the future, JSW Steel Share Price Target can be seen up to ₹ 1150 by 2025. Long term JSW Steel share price target by stock analysts at JP Morgan’s Stock Market Expert is 1250₹-1300₹.

JSW Steel Share Price Target 2030

Friends, if you are planning to invest your money in a good fundamentally strong company for a long time in the Indian stock market, then definitely keep the stock of JSW Steel Company in your portfolio.

The company is seen reducing its debt in the coming days. The company is the second-largest company in India in the steel sector. The business of the company is spread in about 100 countries in India as well as all over the world.

JSW Steel Company is a trusted company in the Indian Stock Market. JSW Steel Share Price Target can be seen up to 2200 ₹-2500 ₹ by 2030.

JSW Steel
JSW Steel

JSW Steel share Market

JSW Steel released its March quarter results on 27 May. Its earnings have increased in the quarter in March, but profits have decreased significantly. After this, selling is being seen in its shares on Monday.

JSW Steel on Friday released the fourth-quarter figures for the financial year 2021-22. The company’s profit fell 61 percent to Rs 3,343 crore in the March quarter. Whereas in the fourth quarter of the last financial year it was Rs 4,191 crore. The company’s income has increased by 74 percent in the fourth quarter. It received an income of Rs 46895 crore in the March quarter. Whereas in the same quarter of the previous financial year, it got an income of Rs 26,934 crore.

However, after the news of declining profits, the company’s shares are seeing a fall in the market on Monday. Its shares are trading around 540 with a fall of 1.50 percent on NSE. This is when the market is showing a wave today. It is worth noting that this decline is happening despite the announcement of dividends by the company. The company has announced a dividend of 17.35 percent per share.

At the same time, the company’s board has also approved expansion plans worth Rs 3,845 crore. The company’s EBITDA margin on an annual basis has increased by Rs 8,440 crore to Rs 9,184 crore. Apart from this, the merger of JSW Ispat and Crescent Special with JSW Steel has been approved. So, should you invest in it or not? Let us see what is the opinion of brokerage houses on this.

Some Questions Related

1) Is it a good time to buy JSW Steel share?

Ans) Last year, along with all the companies in the steel sector, there was good growth in the stock of JSW Steel. But for some time, all the companies in the steel sector are seeing a decline in their shares.
If you guys are thinking of trading for a few days during this time, then you should plan to make a new purchase only after going below 600 ₹.

Friends, we hope that after reading this post of ours, you will definitely help in understanding JSW Steel Share Price Target in the Future. Investing money in the stock market is a very risky job, so before investing money in any stock, do your own research about that stock and that company.

2) Is JSW Steel good for investment?

Ans) Is JSW STEEL good for long-term investment? As of May 16, 2022, the Fundamentals of JSW STEEL look Strong and hence it may be good for long-term investment! See Financial Performance of JSW STEEL.

3) Will JSW Steel go up?

Ans)Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the “JSW Steel Ltd” stock price prognosis for 2027-06-18 is 1411.380 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +143.99%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $243.99 in 2027.

4) Is JSW Steel good for intraday?

Ans) Currently JSW Steel is trading higher than yesterday, which is good for the stock. The intraday sentiment of JSW Steel is towards buying. It’s showing heavy buying in today’s intra-day trading!

5) Is JSW Steel debt free?

Ans) How Much Debt Does JSW Steel Carry? As you can see below, at the end of September 2021, JSW Steel had ₹709.1b of debt, up from ₹500.1b a year ago. Click the image for more detail. However, because it has a cash reserve of ₹150.1b, its net debt is less, at about ₹559.0b.

6) Why are steel prices falling?

Ans) According to the notification, the export duty was increased on one item while ten fresh items are being brought into the tax net. These changes are brought to ensure the local availability of steel in India. Thus the domestic prices of steel will fall because exports are discouraged.


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