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Intraday Trading
Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is one such trading option where you can earn more profit in less time. So if you are also looking for more profit in the stock market in a limited time, then start.

If we talk in simple language, then in intraday trading, traders buy and sell shares on the same day, that is, at 9:30 in the morning. Closing is mandatory.

What is Intraday Trading

Most traders when trading in the stock market aim to make profits in a short period of time. The intraday trading option comes to fulfill a similar goal because through this you can make a good profit in a single trading session. All you need is the right goal and the right strategy to achieve it.

Now when it comes to earning more money in less time, there are many types of risks involved, many times traders are unaware of the risks of intraday trading and because of this, they end up losing a lot. So how can you limit your risks and losses? Choosing the right stock, which requires the right understanding and knowledge.

So if we understand the meaning of intraday trading from all this, then it is a type of trade in which traders can earn profit by buying and selling stocks within the same day with a correct analysis.

There are some important things to keep in mind while doing intraday trading such as:

  • choosing the right stock
  • Doing technical analysis of stocks (intraday technical analysis)
  • trading at the right time
  • trading your goals
  • stay away from greed
  • Intraday Trading Example

To understand intraday trading better, let’s take you to your school hours:

Every day there is a fixed time for going to school i.e. you go to school at 8 in the morning and you leave at around 2 in the day.

That is, for 6 hours every day you get an experience by learning something new.

Similarly, every day in the stock market, you get different learnings and experiences by trading in some new stocks.

Now let’s talk about the exam, you can perform differently in each subject in the exam, in some subjects you can get good marks, on the other hand, you are left behind in some subjects.

Similarly, in intraday trading, you are able to make a profit in any stock, and on the other hand, you are not able to earn much profit in some stocks.

Just as in the exam you get knowledge about each subject from different places to get good marks in the same way in intraday trading it is also important that you analyze the stock you trade properly and After getting complete information about it, decide to trade in that stock.

Intraday Trading
Intraday Trading

How to do Intraday Trading

After knowing the meaning of intraday trading, you want to know how you can do intraday trading.

So let’s know the process of starting intraday trading:

  • First of all, you have to open an account with a choice, for which you need to have some documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Saving Bank Account.
  • After opening the account, you can log in to the trading app (Jiffy Choice) and choose the right stock on it, and trade in it.
  • In the trading app for trading, you have been given different types of charts and indicators for technical analysis, with the help of which you can choose the right stock and trade.
  • After this, you click on the Buy / Sell button to trade in the stock and fill in the number of shares, and the price at which you want to trade.
  • In order to book your profit on this trade and to limit the loss, you are given the option of advance order type (bracket order, cover order, and stop-loss order), with the help of which you can make the right trade and make your profit. can increase.

Intraday Trading Time

As we have talked that it becomes very important to be aware of the right time to do intraday trading, so what is the time to do intraday trading, and also at what time of the day do intraday trading can give you the most benefit?

Now as you know that in the stock market, you can start trading from 9:15 am and trade till 3:30 pm.

So it is necessary to do intraday trading within this time, if you do not close your position before the market close, then the stockbroker auto-squares off your position for which he charges you extra fees apart from the brokerage.

Now here comes a question, can you benefit from intraday trading at any time throughout the day?

It depends on the market news and volatility, but in general, most traders consider the first hour of the morning i.e. 9:30 am to 10:30 pm as the most profitable to trade, because at this time the stock has the highest volatility. ) is seen.

So for a better trading experience, it is important that you spend the first 15 minutes after the market.

Decide to go to Ray and trade based on that.

Advantages of intraday trading

By now you must have understood that you can earn profits in a short time by intraday trading, but now it comes to the other advantages of intraday trading.

So let’s know about some of the benefits associated with intraday trading:

  • Firstly, since intraday trading allows you to buy and sell stocks within the same day, you do not have to take any risk after the market closes.
  • With this, in intraday trading, you can earn money even from the falling market by doing short-selling.
  • By using margin, you can increase your profits by trading more with less money in intraday trading.
  • If you understand intraday trading properly and trade with the right information, then you can also make it a means of your employment.

Disadvantages of Intraday Trading

The stock market is full of risks and hence there are chances of losses as well as gains, so know what are the disadvantages of intraday trading.

Market volatility sometimes becomes the cause of a trader’s loss, so while intraday trading has more options to make profits, on the other hand, it also has many types of risks, which it is very important for a trader to be aware of.

In intraday trading, you have to take some important decisions in a short time, sometimes the trader focuses on making more profit, due to which he has to face losses at times.

Now beginner traders, who do not have much understanding of the market, many times trade in the wrong stocks due to which they have to bear a lot of losses.

Many times some kind of false rumor in the market becomes the reason for the loss of intraday traders, so keep in mind whether the stock in which you are trading is right for intraday trading or not.

So intraday trading is nothing but the reaction of buying and selling of stocks on the same day. In this, if you trade at the right time, with the right understanding and strategy, then you can increase your profits to a great extent.

So before starting, get the right understanding and knowledge of trading.

How to Make Money in Intraday Trading

Now let’s talk about how you can make a profit or more money from intraday trading?

For this, as we talked about earlier, for this, you need to have a proper understanding of stocks and understanding of technical analysis and patterns in intraday trading.

Apart from this, you can increase your intraday trading profits by using some of the tips given below:

  • set your goal
  • do research properly
  • Be aware of market news
  • keep track of time
  • trade in bulk

Now more money is required to trade more volume, then you can also use margin to trade in intraday trading.

Wondering what is margin?

So let’s know its advantages in margin and intraday trading.

What is the margin in intraday trading?

Have you ever taken a loan from a bank to meet your needs?

If yes, then you would be aware of how the loan is taken in the bank and what kind of loss or benefit you can get from it?

You must be thinking that what is the importance of a bank loan in intraday trading?

Just like a bank loan helps you meet your needs, the margin in intraday trading helps you to trade more.

So if you do not have enough money to do intraday trading then you can trade with margin from your stockbroker.

SEBI’s new rule regarding margin has come, according to which you can trade by getting a margin up to 5 times from your stockbroker.

So if you have 10,000 rupees in your trading account to trade, then you can trade 5x i.e. up to 50,000 in any intraday trading stock from the broker.

With this, you can increase profits even with less money.

Let us take an example to understand:

Let’s say that the stock you want to trade is ₹ 200 per share, you have ₹ 10,000 to trade, that is, you can trade in 50 shares.

But after SEBI’s new rules on margin trading, now you can trade 5x i.e. ₹ 50,000, with which you can buy 250 shares.

wondering how it will make a profit,

Let’s assume that the value of the stock has become ₹ 260, now if you trade in 50 shares then your profit (50 * 10) is ₹ 500, on the other hand, by trading in 50 stocks now you can earn up to ₹ 2500 profit. can.

In this way, with an intraday trading margin, you can earn more profit by trading even with less money.

Intraday Trading
Intraday Trading

Tata Motor’s Intraday Target

This jump in the share price of Tata Motors comes after the news of a 50 percent increase in the sales of the company’s passenger vehicles in December 2021.

On Monday, the share price of Tata Motors increased by 4 percent to Rs 500.80 in intraday. On the first trading day of the year, the stock closed at Rs 497.45 with a gain of 3.13 percent. This jump in the stock price comes after the news of a 50 percent increase in the sales of the company’s passenger vehicles in December 2021. In fact, the company has sold a total of 35,299 passenger vehicles in December 2021, while in the same period a year ago, the company sold a total of 23,545 vehicles.

On Monday, the share price of Tata Motors increased by 4 percent to Rs 500.80 intraday. On the first trading day of the year, the stock closed at Rs 497.45 with a gain of 3.13 percent. This jump in the stock price comes after the news of a 50 percent increase in the sales of the company’s passenger vehicles in December 2021. In fact, the company has sold a total of 35,299 passenger vehicles in December 2021, while a year ago in the same period, the company sold a total of 23,545 vehicles.

What do experts say

  • Analysts say that in the year 2022, shares of Tata Motors can perform well in the automobile space. Harsh Patidar, Auto Analyst, Capital Via Global Research, told Financial Express Online, “Tata Motors shares may touch the Rs 700 level this calendar year. This is our preferred bet in the automobile sector.”
  • Analysts are bullish on the stock of Tata Motors after the company’s strong sales in December. Ravi Singh, Research Head and Vice President, ShareIndia Securities said, “Tata Motors share price is poised to touch Rs 520-550 level in near future after strong sales figures in December. A bullish trend is visible in the technical setup.
  • In the quarter ended December 2021, Tata Motors sold a total of 99,002 passenger vehicles as compared to 68,806 vehicles in the same period last year. In this way, the company sold 44 percent more vehicles in the December quarter. Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman, GCL Securities said, “If we look at the monthly sales figures of the auto sector, they are as expected. But, the sales figures of Tata Motors are higher than our expectations. Hence, it can be bought with a target price of Rs 525 and a stop loss of Rs 470.

Continuous increase in sales of electric vehicles

Tata’s electric vehicle sales are also growing steadily, while total MHCV sales including MHCV trucks, buses, and international business stood at 26,329 units in the third quarter of the current fiscal, as against 21,476 units in the same period last year. Manoj Dalmiya, Founder & Director, Profitable Equities said, “Buy and deposit on dips, there is a resistance of Rs 520 one, once it crosses it will move towards Rs 550

What is Intraday Trading | BEST Information in 2022

Commodity Intraday Tips

Intraday Trading The buying and selling done in the interval of a day is called intraday trading.

The way shares are bought and sold in the major stock exchanges of the country such as the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange etc. In the same way, in the commodity market also, there is a facility for trading Agri and Non-Agri commodities. Although the trading time is different in the stock market and commodity market. Intraday Trading The buying and selling done within a day’s interval is called intraday trading.

On the day when a commodity is bought, it should be sold even before the market closes on the same day or if you do short selling, then cut your open position from the close of the market, then such a trading strategy is called intraday trading. goes.

What was open interest?

Open interest is the total number of market participants (traders). This shows how the investors and traders are trending towards a commodity. An increase in open interest means that new money is coming into the market.

A fall in open interest means that there is less demand for that commodity in the market. Commodity market experts take the help of open interest to analyze bullish or bearish in any commodity. This is a technical analysis of any commodity. If the open interest of a commodity is high, then the possibility of a rise in the prices of that commodity increases.

Some Questions Related

  • Is intraday trading is profitable?To sum up, intraday trading is a source of income for those with a steady hand. It is all about building small profits through many trades throughout the day, rather than a huge profit in one go. Make a realistic assessment of the market and its risks. You should be able to turn this into a steady source of income.
  • Is intraday trading safe for beginners?Intraday trading is not safe, particularly for beginners. Nevertheless, there are no overnight concerns, there are significant risks due to the market’s extraordinary unpredictability. Prices may change substantially and unexpectedly, resulting in surprise losses in Intraday trading.
  • Is commodity intraday profitable?Even though equities attract high attention, commodity markets are also big and are growing in India. More and more investors and traders are trading in commodities. And the reason is simple and clear: they are making profits. Let us understand how trading in commodities can be profitable in India.
  • How can I earn 1000 a day in intraday trading?You can start earning Rs 1000 per day from the stock market after understanding and following these 7 steps.
    1. Step 1 – Open a Trading Account and Transfer Funds. …
    2. Step 2 – Pick Trending Stocks From Finance Websites/apps. …
    3. Step 3 – Select 3 ‘Trending’ Stocks for Trading. …
    4. Step 4 – Read Price Charts of Selected Stocks.


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