Tata Power Share Price Target 2025 or 2030 Full Information

Tata Power Share Price Target 2030 and if you want to know Tata Share Price Prediction Hello friends, today in this article we are going to talk about the future share price target of Tata Power, the largest power supply company in India’s private sector. In. The stock of this Tata group company has given tremendous returns to its investors in the last six months. Till some time ago the stock of Tata Power Company was running around Rs 80-90, but the stock of the company has performed very well in the last few days. If stock market experts are to be believed, then the company will be seen as performing well in the future also.

So let’s try to understand why stock market experts are so bullish on Tata Power stock and according to stock market experts 

Tata Power Share
Tata Power Share

Tata Power Share Price Target 2030

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In the coming times, the solar energy sector is seen as becoming a hot segment. Tata Power Company is a leading company in the segment of Solar Energy and Electric Charging Stations. Tata Power Share Price Target 2030 Looking at which it is believed that Tata Power Company’s stock can be seen performing very well in the future.

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Tata Power Company has set up an Ultra Maga Power Project in Gujarat, from which the company can produce 400 MW of power. Tata Power Company has also got a project of 100 MW from the Government of Uttar Pradesh, which is good news for Tata Power Company. Tata Power Share Price Target 2030 Tata Power Company is also in talks with the Government of Kerala on a similar project.

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Tata Power Company has also finalized a deal with Apollo Tires, under which Tata Power Company will set up electric charging stations at 150 branches of Apollo Tires. Will put.

Our Government of India has also made a plan to spend 14 thousand crores on Solar and Hydrogen projects in the budget. This scheme of the government will also be seen to benefit the Tata Power company. can be found!

Tata Power Share Price
Tata Power Share Price

Tata Power Share Price Target 2025

Tata Power Company’s power generation currently accounts for 69% of thermal power and 31% of solar energy. Tata Power Company’s target is to make 70% of its power generation from solar energy and renewable green energy by the year 2025. In this, Tata Power Company is also getting full help from our Government of India.

Tata Power Company is also working fast on its electric charging station. Tata Power Company has a target of installing one lakh charging stations by the year 2025. This Tata Group company is getting good encouragement from the Government of India as well as the Tata Group.

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The business of Tata Power Company is quite diversified. Management of Tata Power Company Apart from the power supply, EV Charging Station, Solar panels, Solar pumps, Solar energy, etc. If we talk about Tata Power Share Price Target 2025, then stock market expert Morgan Stanley believes that for the long term Tata Power Share Price Target 2025 can be seen from Rs 530 to Rs 580.

Tata Power Stock Prediction

Better returns can be expected in the future by investing in Tata Group (Tata Group)‘s company Tata Power’s shares (Tata Power Stock). Currently, the Tata Power share price is Rs 214.50. There is a possibility that this stock may become bullish in the coming days. Market experts are of the opinion that this stock can be expected to rise and go by buying

Target to Increase Power Generation

Tata Power (Tata Power)In the next five years, there is a plan to invest 75 thousand crore rupees in the renewable energy sector. During this time the company wants to increase the power generation capacity to 30,000 MW. Half of this production will be achieved from clean energy sources. At present, Tata Power has a production capacity of 13,500 MW. ie to come.

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There are plans to more than double this in five years. In this, the share of renewable energy sources is 34 percent.

What is the Future Plan

Tata Power Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran told in the company’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) that our plan is to invest 75 thousand crore rupees in the renewable energy sector in the next 5 years. He was responding to a question asked by a shareholder on the company’s future plans. In his address, Chandrasekaran said that Tata Power plans to take its generation capacity to 30,000 MW by 2026-27.

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Investment Target of 14 Thousand Crores in the Current Financial Year

In addition, the company’s clean energy portfolio will grow to 60 percent by 2027, up from 34 percent now. The target is to increase this to 80 percent by 2030. He informed that the company intends to invest a total of Rs 14,000 crore in the current financial year. Out of this, Rs 10,000 crore will be invested in renewable energy. Tata Power has added 707 MW of renewable energy capacity in 2021-22.

Operations of market experts

Market experts say that buying in Tata Power’s stock can go away. Experts have kept the target price of Tata Power at Rs 250. That is, it can increase by 18 to 20 percent from the current price. The stock had touched a 52-week high of Rs 298 and a 52-week low of Rs 118.40 on April 7, 2022, and July 28, 2021. Experts are giving advice for the rise in this stock in the coming time.

Tata Power Moneycontrol

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Tata Power Share Price Prediction

Tata Power is an electricity company of the Tata Group. Tata Power Company’s job is to take care of all the electricity business of Tata Group such as making electricity, supplying it and charging electricity bills to its customers, etc.

Tata Power has a total capacity of 12800 MW. 70% of the total electricity supply of Tata Power Company is generated by Thermal Power Plant. Coal is used in Thermal Power Plant, which causes a lot of damage to the environment. Therefore, by 2025, Tata Power Company’s tata Thermal power Plant power supply is working at 0%. 

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Our Government of India is also doing a lot of work in this area so that the danger of environmental pollution can be avoided in the coming time. Our Government of India’s target will be 80% electricity from renewable and 20% electricity generation from other sources by 2030. That’s why our Indian government is helping companies that generate electricity in a renewable way by giving them subsidies.


  • What is the next target of Tata Power?Sharekhan is bullish on Tata Power Company and has recommended a buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 315 in its research report dated May 06, 2022.
  • Is Tata Power a good buy for long term?Strong earningsAccording to Sharekhan, the power sector reported strong performance with Tata Power/ NTPC being the best performer with 66%/19% y-o-y PAT growth while Power Grid reported decent earnings growth of 6.1% y-o-y in Q4FY22.
  • Can I buy Tata Power shares now?You can buy Tata Power Company Ltd shares through a brokerage firm. ICICIdirect is a registered broker through which you can place orders to buy Tata Power Company Ltd shares.


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