How To Select Stocks For Intraday In 2023 The Best Guide

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Select Stocks For Intraday
Select Stocks For Intraday

How To Select Stocks For Intraday

Traders have to do a lot of research, formulate strategies, practice them and make decisions based on the market scenario, their trading results, and their own specific risk-taking power and circumstances. How To Select Stocks For Intraday The most important aspect of intraday trading is choosing the intraday stocks which are capable of delivering the returns and profits expected by the intraday trader.

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This is the hardest part of the job, if the trader is not able to choose the right stock which does not suit his requirement, market sentiments, and other parameters, then the whole process becomes just a halt  

The situation is similar to making a good meal when the central core ingredient is rotten or of poor quality while all the other ingredients are of high quality. How To Select Stocks For Intraday The food will spoil when the cook did his best. Similarly, if a trader learns the best strategies, and makes the best use of indicators, but if the stocks he chooses are not correct, the end result will undoubtedly be sad!

The choice to choose an intraday stock depends on several factors including the level of intraday experience, trading style, amount of capital available, the risk appetite of the trader, market conditions, etc. It is a part of the trader’s trading plan, however, the process is dynamic and evolves from time to time as the trader learns from his experiences and understands his strengths and weaknesses.

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The bottom line of any strategy used for intraday stock picking is to preserve capital and control risk. There are thousands of stocks being traded in the market, and to an untrained eye, it may all be too much however, an experienced trader knows how to do proper research & pick intraday stocks. How To Select Stocks For Intraday Find the one that fits perfectly into his trading plans and strategies.

There are different types of stocks based on volatility, price and volume, and the associated risk elements; To start with the risk should be kept to a minimum which can be increased over time with increasing skill and experience.

There are many software and tools available to help a trader choose intraday stocks in multiple ways, but a  trader should exercise his discretion and choose the stock as per his personal style. How To Select Stocks For Intraday The following are five commonly used methods for selecting intraday  trading stocks 

1. Liquidity is the most important parameter:Select Stocks For Intraday

intraday trading  The key word is liquidity. This is the most important way to take stock intraday This is the most important feature when choosing stock for intraday trading. How To Select Stocks For Intraday Liquid stocks are traded in high volumes and large amounts can be bought and sold without affecting the price, intraday trading is very dependent on speed, liquid stocks have ample opportunities for high-speed trading give.

Even statistically, liquid stocks tend to show higher price movements in a short period of time, giving the trader ample trading opportunities. In addition, liquid stocks are less unpredictable and chaotic, giving the trader a better chance of understanding the value. Hence, a very accurate and effective way to choose intraday stocks is by choosing stocks with high liquidity; It works.

Select Stocks For Intraday
Select Stocks For Intraday

2. Stocks should be selected after extensive research:Select Stocks For Intraday

A very important element of choosing intraday stocks is doing a lot of research. Successful intraday traders are those who keep themselves abreast with all the latest happenings through current news and must do very good quality research before trading. The research should include the historical study of stocks.  How To Select Stocks For Intraday Technically and fundamentally and study sector(s) and indices to understand your interest and know what is happening.

research,  after identifying the sectors and index,  preparing the list with some stocks Must do and then study. Proper research helps in choosing sectors such as banking or retail or pharmaceuticals and shortlisting stocks with high popularity or high liquidity or high volumes in that particular sector.

The selected stocks should be analyzed on a daily basis because could be their uptrend or downtrend and their expected resistance and support levels. An experienced intraday trader spends a lot of time doing the research before choosing the suitable intraday stock for his plan.

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3. Choose Stocks with Moderate Volatility and Strong Correlation:

Another very important way to choose intraday stocks is to choose those stocks which have a strong correlation with the major sector(s) and the index. Such stocks are more predictable and reliable    Any good or bad news will affect these stocks in the same way as it affects the whole sector(s).

These stocks follow the current trend;  Strong stocks remain bullish in bullish markets and weak stocks bear in bearish markets. Also, for choosing intraday stocks, the intraday trader should choose those stocks which have moderate volatility. How To Select Stocks For Intraday Stocks with very high volatility are quite unpredictable and unreliable and involve large risks, whereas stocks with moderate volatility can be trusted and help with low but certain profits.

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Stock picking software can provide a list of positive shares or negative shares.

4. Trade Volume and Trade Volume Index:Select Stocks For Intraday

This is an effective way to choose intraday stocks. High volume stocks show high liquidity which is a boon for intraday trading. Stock volume  The number of times a stock has been bought or sold over a period of time. Higher volume means there is more interest in the stock to either buy or sell it. This proves helpful for the intraday trader as all technical trading indicators also work best with high volumes.

Intraday  Traders mostly use the trading volume index,  thereby indicating the money moving in and out of an asset, to decide whether to choose a particular stock or not. The high volume provides traders with easy opportunities to enter or exit the stock. The minimum volume required before choosing intraday stocks must be around 1 million most of the average daily volume.

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The trader should also keep an eye on the stocks which have a sudden increase or decrease in volume, such stocks have a huge potential in intraday trading. Many software provides lists of stocks such as Uncommon Volume by Yahoo Finance.

5. Low Bid-Ask Spread Stocks :Select Stocks For Intraday

This is an important technical method of selecting intraday stocks. The Bid Bid price is the price at which the trader can sell the stock and the Ask price is the price at which he can buy the stock. Bid and Ask  The difference between the price, called the Bid-Ask Spread, is an important parameter. When the spread is low, there are more opportunities to capture price movements and make profits.

For example, if the bid price of one stock is Rs.2530.35 and the offer price is Rs.2530.6, so this spread is Rs.0.25  the bid price of another stock is Rs 47.20 and the offer price is Rs 48.35, then the spread will be Rs 1.15 First stock will be more suitable as its Bid-Ask spread is less.

Ultimately, the intraday trader can opt for any or all of the above-mentioned methods and the decision depends on a mix of requirements of liquidity, volatility, volume, risk, and other factors. The trader can trade based on his personal experiences and requirements in the chosen method   What works for one trader at one time may not work for him at another time or for another trader.

However, choosing the right and most suitable stock is the most important decision that has to be made by the intraday trader as it is the fundamental focus around which the entire intraday trading revolves and operates.

Liquid Stocks For Intraday Select Stocks For Intraday

In intraday trading, you should first choose the stock with the highest liquidity. Liquidity means that the stock in which Buyer and Seller are more is called High Liquidity stock. If there are fewer buyers and sellers, then it is possible that at the time when you want to sell the stock, you may not find a buyer at that time. That’s why you should trade only in more liquidity stocks for intraday.

Mostly the company which is bigger, more Buyer and Seller are present in it. That’s why you should choose Large Cap Stocks. In this, you will find buyers and sellers every second.

Top Intraday Stocks Select Stocks For Intraday

You should choose the stock which is rising or falling from the previous day to trade. If you want to trade today, then you should see the chart of Gainers and Losers stocks of the previous day. If it is the first day for a stock to go up or down. So you should take AC stock for intraday.

What should not be in Intraday Stocks

Should not be a small-cap stock: – In intraday, you should absolutely not trade on the small-cap stock. Mid-cap is also good but large-cap stocks are best for intraday trading.

Upper Circuit / Lower Circuit Stock: – You do not have to trade in AC stocks at all, in which the Upper Circuit or Lower Circuit will be interested quickly. If it will happen soon in any Intraday Stocks then you will have problems in buying and selling shares. So you have to stay away from AC stock.

How to know whether the market will fall or rise

In intraday trading, it is very important to keep an eye on whether the market will fall or rise. It is very important for you to know which way the market is more likely to go. In such a situation, it is very important for you to see the global market. This is important to see because it is generally seen that whenever the global market falls, the Indian market also falls.

And this also happens because today’s market is linked to each other. There are many such companies that are also listed in India and are also listed in the global market. If the price falls in it, then its effect is also seen in it. That’s why you should look at the global market before trading intraday. So that based on that you can take a good decision.


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