Realme Franchise Cost in India 2023 | Best Explanation

Realme Franchise company is a smartphone manufacturing company. Realme Franchise Cost in India, Realme ka Service Center, Realme Agency, Realme Head Office, Realme Service Center Near Me Realme manufactures smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, earphones, Bluetooth Earbuds, neckbands, smart watches, etc. This company launches its products in many ranges so that any customer can buy their products very comfortably, this company works to make its products from cheap to expensive prices.

Realme company is a Chinese smartphone maker company. This company was founded on 4 May 2018 by Ski Li and Madhav Sheth. The headquarter of this company is located in Beijing. This company comes within the company. The first product of this company was the first smartphone of this company whose name was REALME 1.

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Realme Franchise
Realme Franchise

Realme Franchise Cost in India

There are many types of investments in this, such as if you buy your own land and open a store on it, then this investment becomes very high, and if you open your store in a rented room, then you only have to give them something in the name of security. Is. Then you have to pay month-to-month rent, then your investment in this reduces a bit. After that, the company also has to pay something in the name of security, and the cost of building the warehouse and store is different.

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Security Fee: – RS.2 lakhs to 3 Lakhs Approx.
Store Cost:- Rs. 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs.
Other Chargers: – 1 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs.

Total Investment: – 6 Lakhs To 8.5 Lakhs.

Realme ka Service Center

The company launches phones according to its customers and nowadays this company is also making phones with big batteries for gamers and the phone of Realme remains quite durable. Realme ka Service Center If you want to do business with this company then you can start your earnings by taking the service center franchise of this company.

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If a company sells its product, it also provides service along with it. If any person takes a new smartphone from Realme and his phone gets damaged within the guarantee, then he cannot directly send that phone to the company, and he will find his nearest Realme service center and after that, Realme ka Service Center he will get his Get the phone made by giving it at the service center. And the company also gives you to sell your new smartphones as well.

Realme Service Center Franchise Requirement

Many things are required for Realme Service Center:-

Space Requirement: – In this, you are going to need space, in which you will have to build a warehouse and a store.
Document Required: – Before starting the Realme service center, you have to keep some documents ready in advance.
Worker Required: – Before starting the Realme service center, you must have at least 1 to 2 helpers.
Investment Requirement: – Investment has the biggest role in doing any business, no business can be done without investment, similarly you will have to invest something for the Realme service center too.

Documents Required for Taking Realme Mobile Service Center Franchisee

Realme Franchise

Important Document for Realme service center Franchise:-

Personal document (PD): – There are many documents inside the personal document like: –

  • ID Proof: – Aadhar Card (Aadhaar Card), Pan Card (PAN Card), Voter Card (Voter Card)
  • Address Proof: – Ration Card (Ration Card), Electricity Bill (Electricity Bill)
  • Bank Account with Passbook
  • Photograph (Photo), Email ID (Email ID), Phone Number (Phone Number)
  • Other Documents

Property Document: – The document Property Document is checked

  • Complete Property document with title & Address
  • Lease agreement (If the property is on Lease)
  • NOC

Realme Agency

Now comes the most important question how to take the franchise of Reality Service Center? So let me tell you that till now the company has not found any such method for which you can apply online.

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In today’s time, there are many such people who want to apply online to take the franchise of the company, but if you want to take the Realme Service Center Franchise, then you have to get all the information together with their team. After which you can apply Realme franchise.

If you are starting this business on your land or place, then you do not need to invest a lot of money. Realme Agency You can start this business very easily by simply investing money in the company’s security money and some other things.

On the other hand, if you are starting the shop business in real by taking a place on rent, then remember that in the initial time you will have to invest money in the shop’s turban, rent every month, security money of the franchisee, and some other things.

In such a situation, Realme Agency it depends on you how you are starting this business as I told you if you start the business in the above-mentioned way or Ni that from your place, in such a situation you will have to invest less money. If you start this business by renting someplace, then you will have to invest more money.

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If you talk about the total expenditure in both ways, then you may have to invest at least 8 lakh rupees in starting the Realme Franchise and if you want more information on this subject, Realme Agency then you can contact the details given below. You can contact the company.

Realme Franchise
Realme Franchise

Realme Head Office

Realme Office Contact Number

• [email protected]

• [email protected]

• 1800 102 2777

• Website:

Realme Service Center Near Me

Realme Exclusive Service Center

• Address: Shop No. 06, 2nd Floor, Patna One Mall, Near Dak Bungalow Chowk, Patna, Bihar

• Business hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00-19:00

• Break time: Sunday

• Contact: 7360004440/7360004441

• Maintenance capability: Mobile phone and accessories

Radix Technology-F1

• Address: A 153, PC Colony, Near Medanta Hospital, Kankarbagh Patna 800020

• Business hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-18:00

• Break time: Sunday

• Contact: 7549816646

• Maintenance capability: Mobile phone and accessories

Realme Franchise Cost in India 2022 | Best Explanation

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Where is the head office of Realme in India?

Gurugram, Haryana.

Realme India is a Consumer Electronics company and has headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, India

Q. Is Realme an Indian company?

Realme (stylized as Realme) is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It was founded by Li Bingzhong (known as Sky Li) on May 4, 2018, who was the former vice president of Oppo. Starting originally as a sub-brand of Oppo, Realme eventually ventured as its own brand.

Q. Is Realme safe for privacy?

Realme has released a press statement regarding the concerns about data privacy and the banned apps that ship with its devices. In the statement shared on Twitter by CEO, Madhav Sheth, the manufacturer assures its users that it has never shared user data with any entity.


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