Kajaria Tiles Dealership In 2023 (Best Information)

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Kajaria Tiles is a leading company to manufacture ceramic tiles in India. The demand for this company’s product is always there in the market and nowadays in the modern era, due to its new design and strong tiles, the company’s name is very much in the tiles industry. It has become a big name. And it is very easy to start a business with this company. And also the profit margin, the company gets you good margin and also helps in marketing.

Kajaria Tiles Dealership
Kajaria Tiles Dealership

Kajaria Tiles Dealership

Today, let us tell you a little about this Kajaria company, Kajaria Ceramics is one of the largest ceramic / vitrified tiles companies in India, this company produces Ceramic Tiles at many levels within India. And this company has 8 plants inside India, three plants in Gujarat, Secunderabad in Uttar Pradesh, Gelpur and Malutana in Rajasthan, and Vijayawada, and Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh.

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And with an annual total capacity of 70.40 million, Kajaria Tiles is the largest manufacturer of Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles in India and continues to grow its business by making profits every year. By mixing tiles, it manufactures more than 2800 types of tiles, it does business in India as well as in other countries, today this company has a network of 10,000 + dealers.

And those who reach the company’s product to the customer and the company is making its new dealers to reach more and more customers, then any person who wants to do a good business can take Kajaria Tiles Dealership. And it will be a very profitable deal for him so that he can get a good return.

Kajaria Tiles Dealership Process

This is the most important thing if we ever start any business. Instead of working, let us know in how many areas you can start Kajaria Tiles Dealership. According to the market, before starting Kajaria Tiles Dealership, you must have 300-400 square feet of space and you can start this business in any market, mall, market, high traffic area, and near any main road or airport. Starting it can be very beneficial for your business as well.

By the way, you can choose the place in this business according to you that you have to work on a large scale.

Store Space :- 300sq ft. 400 sq ft.
Godown Space:- 800 sq ft. to 1000 sq ft.

Kajaria Tiles Dealership
Kajaria Tiles Dealership

Kajaria Tiles Dealership Investment

Before taking the franchise of any company, it is very important to have an idea of ​​how much investment is right in that company:-

Land Cost:-  Rs. 10 Lakhs To Rs. 15 Lakhs (If the land is your own then this money will not be charged)
Distributorship Fees:–  Rs. 2  Lakhs To Rs. 3 Lakhs
Storage/Godown Cost:-  Rs. 2 Lakhs To Rs. 5 Lakhs
Vehicle Cost:- Rs. 2 Lakhs To Rs. 4 Lakhs
Other Charges:- Rs. 1 Lakhs To Rs. 1.5 Lakhs

Kajaria Tiles Dealership Investment: The biggest expense that comes within the franchise is that of the land, if you have your own then you can start or rent it with less investment. kajaria tiles dealership cost

To start kajaria tiles dealership investment franchise you may have to invest up to 20-25 lakhs. Kajaria Tiles Dealership

Somany Tiles Dealership Cost

Talking about the investment in it, the investment in it depends on the land and business because if it has its own land, then a lot of money will be saved and if you have to buy land then you have to invest a lot.

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And talking about business, if you do business with a dealership of all the products of the company, then you have to invest more and if you do business with a dealership of one or two products ( Somany Tiles Franchise Hindi)  then you have to make less investment after that your If you have to make shop and godown, then you have to invest separately for everything.

Security Fee:-  Around Rs. 5 Lakhs To Rs. 10 Lakhs
Shop /Showroom & Godown Cost:-  Around Rs. 5 Lakhs To Rs. 10 Lakhs
Other Cost:- Around Rs. 5 Lakhs To Rs. 7 Lakhs

Total Investment:- Around Rs. 25  Lakhs To Rs. 30  Lakhs

Note:-  It does not include the first stock

Kajaria Tiles Dealership
Kajaria Tiles Dealership


Q. Is tiles business profitable in India?

The Margin of Profit in Tiles

In the sample-based tiles market, you should predict a profit margin of 7% to 10%. This profit margin is not bad because it is a low-risk investment model. A profit margin of 12 to 18 percent can be expected in a stock-based business.

Q. Who is the founder of Kajaria?

Ashok Kajaria is the chairman and managing director of listed Kajaria Ceramics, which was founded by him in 1988. The company is India’s largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles, which it manufactures in eight factories across the country.

Q. Who is the brand ambassador of Kajaria tiles?

superstar Akshay Kumar

The face of Kajaria

The Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been the brand ambassador of Kajaria Ceramics. The celebrated actor, with his uber-fit personality, immense popularity among Indian audiences, and innovative, patriotic choice of movies, makes for the perfect fit for the brand.

Q. Which tile quality is best?

Down to the basics

For flooring, Vitrified tiles are the best bet since they are durable and can withstand heavy traffic. For walls, you can choose either ceramic or porcelain tiles as they are non-porous or do not absorb stains.

Q. What is the price of Kajaria tiles?

New (2) from ₹2,799.00 FREE Delivery.

Q. kajaria tile dealers in ATELI Haryana

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