9 Best App For Mutual Fund Investment In 2023

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Best App For Mutual Fund Investment
Best App For Mutual Fund Investment

Best App For Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual fund investments are the most popular option for capital growth that can beat inflation. There are many mutual fund apps that have made investing in mutual funds simple and convenient. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment However, before using any app, one should be aware of all the charges and features while using it. If you are looking for Best Mutual Funds App in India Hindi article, then you have come to the right place.

Investing in direct mutual funds has become a piece of cake with the best apps for mutual fund investments. Let us explore the various features, perks, and charges of the best mutual fund apps in India.

As mutual fund investing has become more popular over the years, there are many online platforms for the same purpose. Mutual Fund App enables investors to invest in different types of funds. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment After deep research on ease of use and features, here are the best mutual fund apps in India.

1. Groww | grove

2. ETMoney | etmoney

3. myCAMS | mycams

4. KFinKart | coffee cart

5. Zerodha Coin | zerodha coin

6. Paytm Money | Paytm money

7. CashRich | cash rich

8. Kuvera | Kuvera

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1. Groww | Grow Mutual Fund App

Talking about the best apps for mutual funds, Grow is one of the most reliable mutual fund apps. The simplicity and Transparency of this app present Groww as the Best Mutual Fund App in India. You can start investing in mutual funds with Grow just by completing a paperless KYC.

There are no account opening fees and no brokerage/commissions to buy or sell funds on Grow. Additionally, it provides many blogs, videos, and insights on the fund which makes it a better learning platform for new investors. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment Moreover, this app serves as one of the best mutual fund apps for Android with an easy-to-use user interface for quick and simple navigation.

9 Best App For Mutual Fund Investment In 2022

2. ETMoney | Etmoney mutual fund app

Launched by Times Group, eMoney is one of the best apps for investing in mutual funds that have caught the attention of new investors. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment Packed with deep insight and basics to advanced concepts of fund investing, this app helps investors develop strategies to meet their financial goals through mutual fund investments.

ETMoney is the best app for mutual fund investments due to its help in saving on tax. Moreover, it offers buying and selling of funds at zero brokerage which definitely increases the returns in the long run. Additionally, it provides an expense manager which helps the investors to track and monitor all the expenses.

3. myCAMS | MyCams Mutual Fund App

The organized User Interface is what makes myCAMS the best mutual fund investment app. It provides an overall view of the mutual fund portfolio, making it easy to manage all mutual fund investments.

myCAMS provides fast and secure scheduled transactions and quick redemption. Investors can use PIN or Pattern Lock to keep their accounts secure. It also has a myCAMServ chatbot to provide support for any queries.

4. KFinKart | Coffeekart Mutual Fund App

KFinKart was designed to make mutual fund investing a one-touch process. It is one of the best apps to invest in mutual funds with a simple and easy-to-understand interface. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment Investors get only one view of their investment portfolio. Moreover, one of the unique features that make Keffincart the best app to track mutual funds in India is the addition of multiple folios.

This feature enables investors to track not only their portfolio but also their family portfolio. KFinKart also provides insights on investment patterns to help investors improve their investment strategies. It also provides facilities like reinvestment and starts or stops SIP which enhances the convenience of investing.

Best App For Mutual Fund Investment

5. Zerodha Coin | Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund App

Coin by Zerodha is the best direct mutual fund app that allows unlimited buying and selling of direct funds at zero commission. It has 3000+ direct funds and ample filters to help you choose according to your needs.

Zerodha Coins keep Mutual Fund investments in Demat form, which makes it more convenient to pledge them when required. Additionally, this app provides a single view of capital gains, profit and loss statements,s, and annual returns. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment Hence, Zerodha Coin is the best app for mutual fund tracking.

6. Paytm Money | Paytm Money Mutual Fund App

in Paytm Ni is one of the best apps for mutual fund investment 2021. It has a quick and paperless KYC process that enables investors to open an account in a matter of minutes. The app offers a variety of fund schemes categorized according to goals, making it easy for investors to make an informed decision.

Paytm Money makes UPI payments the best app for buying mutual funds. Apart from this, it has the facility of automatic sip payment. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment Hence, investors need not worry about forgetting their SIP dates. Paytm Money has some ‘Super Saver Funds’ that allow you to invest in liquid funds and enable you to make quick withdrawals after 7 days of investment.

7. CashRich | Cashrich Mutual Fund App

The dynamic SIP method makes Cashrich the best app to invest in mutual funds. The app enables investors to diversify their fund portfolio to earn better returns and save more tax. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment It has a ‘Switch’ feature which offers quick switching of fund investments within different plans of the same AMC.

cash rich is considered to be the best app for its free investment portfolio reviews which helps investors to improve their investment strategies. The app also provides personalized recommendations for investors. For any queries, they have provided active chatbots to assist you at any time of the day.

8. Kuvera | Kuvera Mutual Fund App

Kuvera is also the best app for buying mutual funds as it comes with many features. Long-term investors can use special features like Tax Harvesting, TradeSmart, Remit, Family Account, etc. to reduce the impact of tax, diversify the portfolio, and for faster and secure withdrawals.

Kuvera allows goal-based fund investments and provides investment suggestions as per your existing portfolio. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment  This is definitely the best app for investing in mutual funds due to its simplicity and additional features.

Best App For Mutual Fund Investment
Best App For Mutual Fund Investment

9. Upstox

Upstox is a very popular mobile app which is considered to be the best mutual fund app. RKSV Securities was established in 2011. Which was later renamed UPSTOX in 2016.

Upstox is a broker backed by investor groups like Ratan Tata, GVK Davis, and Kalari Capital Group. Therefore it would be wrong to question its credibility. Best App For Mutual Fund Investment.

With their mobile investment app, you get all the facilities like Direct Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs, and IPOs. Upstox has more than 60 lakh customers today who are availing of their services.

Upstox Features:

  • It offers you the facility of investing in zero-commission mutual funds.
  • You can easily buy ETF, IPO, and Index Fund through Upstox.
  • You can also buy shares with Upstox with a minimal brokerage.
  • Their investment apps are very easy to use.
  • There are no charges for opening an account with Upstox.

What are Direct Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be categorized into direct and regular schemes. Direct mutual fund refers to those funds which do not involve any third-party agent, distributor, or broker. Investors can invest directly in Asset Management Companies (AMCs) through Direct Funds. On the other hand, regular fund investments involve a third party that handles the mutual funds for the investors.

Direct funds eliminate the involvement of any third parties and thus cut down on commissions and brokerage fees. Due to this, the expense ratio of Direct Funds is lower as compared to Regular Funds which gives higher returns. If you are using any mutual fund app, you can easily identify the direct fund as the word ‘direct’ is preceded by the name of any fund.

Now that you are aware of the difference between Direct and Regular Funds, let us discuss the Best Mutual Fund Apps in India.


1. Which app is best for direct mutual fund investment?
Most of the apps have direct mutual funds. However, to ensure direct fund investment, you must be careful to locate the word ‘direct’ before the name of the fund. Kuvera and Zerodha Coin Direct work as the best apps for mutual fund investments.

2. Which mutual fund app is best to track a portfolio?
Portfolio tracking is an essential feature that helps you manage your investments. While most mutual fund apps provide tracking, MyCAMS and Grow to stand out as the best apps to track portfolios. However, if the investor wants to track the portfolio of family members, then Kefincart and Kuvera Family are the best apps for portfolio tracking.

3. Which app is best for mutual fund investment for beginners?
Grow and EtMoney offer several learning guides for beginners. These apps provide insights on blogs, videos, and fund schemes that help new investors make informed decisions. Hence, this app is the best app for investing in mutual funds, especially for beginners.

4. Which app is best for mutual funds for SIP investment?
Cash-rich and Paytm Money are the best apps for SIP mutual fund investments. Cash-rich has a special feature of dynamic SIP which enhances portfolio diversification. On the other hand, Paytm Money has an automatic SIP facility that deducts the SIP amount at the allotted date thereby skipping the SIP date.

5. Do mutual fund apps charge fees for buying and selling mutual funds?
Most of the apps do not charge any commission or brokerage for buying and selling mutual funds. Grow, ETMoney, Zerodha Coin, and Paytm Money are the best apps that allow buying and selling of fund schemes at zero commission Techserk .


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