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Aadani wilmar latest news Hello Friends, Adani Wilmar Screener, Adani Wilmar Target Price 2023, Adani Wilmar Target Price 2022, Adani Wilmar Share Price Target 2025 is going to be in the coming time. This is what we’ll analyze and this analysis includes news and financial reports from various analysts and top investors.

Adani Wilmar Share Price
Adani Wilmar Share Price

Adani Wilmar Latest News 

Adani Wilmar is a joint company with Adani Enterprises Limited and Wilmar International Limited. It is the owner of the Fortune brand of edible oils. Adani Wilmar Latest News It has the largest range of edible oils including soybean, sunflower, and mustard. Its Fortune brand of oil has about 20% market share in India.

Adani Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Ahmedabad. It was established by Gautam Adani in 1988 as a commodity trading business with the flagship company Adani Enterprises Limited. Adani Wilmar Latest News The group has operations in approximately 70 locations in 50 countries and annual revenues of over US$20 billion.

In April 2021, the Adani Group became the third Indian conglomerate to cross US$100 billion in market capitalization. Its Chairman is Gautam Adani and CEO Karan Adani (Adani Ports) (Chairman and CEO of Adani Group).

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Adani Group FMCG Company Adani Wilmar Stock Price ( adani wilmar latest news )

Today, pressure is being seen in the shares of Adani Wilmar, the FMCG company of Adani Group. However, the company’s June quarter results have been as expected. The company has performed well even after the macro conditions were not better. Regarding the stock, the brokerage house also says that it is not expected to grow much further. Ltd. may move up in stock. At the same time, a brokerage has given below the target current price. Let us tell you that the share of Adani Wilmar was listed in February this year and within 3 months the company increased the money of investors 4 times.

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Adani Wilmar’s profit in the June quarter increased by 10 percent year-on-year to 196 crores. While there was a 30 percent growth in net sales on an annual basis and it has increased to 14,732 crores. Adani Wilmar Latest News The company’s volumes grew 15 percent year on year to 1.19 million tonnes. EBITDA margin declined to 3.3 percent from 3.8 percent in the June quarter.

Adani Wilmar Latest News In 2022 | Best Information

What to say about brokerage house ( adani wilmar latest news )

Edelweiss Securities has given a Buy Advice on the stock but has increased the target price marginally. The brokerage has given a target of Rs 743 for the stock, as against the target of Rs 735 earlier. Adani Wilmar Latest News The stock had strengthened up to Rs 718 in today’s trading. In this sense, there can be limited momentum in it. The brokerage says that the company has achieved strong revenue growth in every segment.

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The company has achieved better than expected revenue growth and continues to grow its market share in the edible oil, wheat, and rice segments. The brokerage says that the Kohinoor brand for HORECA was relaunched in June and the consumer brand will be launched in August. This will benefit the company. Brokerage house ICICI Securities has increased the target price for the stock from Rs 550 to Rs 595. The rating has been reduced from hold.

In terms of the current price, the stock can fall by more than Rs 120. However, the brokerage says that a strong competitive advantage in edible oil is giving the company an edge over Pierce. The company enjoys multiple synergies across all 3 business segments which bodes well for the packaged food scale.

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Investors had earned a lot ( adani wilmar latest news )

Adani Wilmar, a company that makes branded edible oil and packaged food, was listed on the stock market on February 8 this year. Adani Wilmar had fixed the stock price for the issue at Rs 230, while the stock is listed on BSE at Rs 221. But later it accelerated. Adani Wilmar Latest News On 28 April 2022, this stock reached a price of Rs 878, which is a record high for it. Compared to the issue price at this price, it got a return of about 282 percent. It was the 7th company of the Adani Group to be listed in the market. However, later it declined. Right now the stock has come to around Rs 700.

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Why did the stock rise to a record high ( adani wilmar latest news )

Experts say that the war between Russia and Ukraine had led to a rise in commodity prices across the world. Ukraine is the largest exporter of oilseeds such as sunflower. At the same time, soybean is also cultivated well in that region. On the other hand, the Indonesian palm oil export ban and tax on Malaysian exports increased the challenges regarding oil supply. Adani Wilmar Latest News Due to this whole problem, the prices of edible oil in India reached the sky. Adani Wilmar has benefited from this. Due to this, the company’s shares became rockets.

Adani Wilmar Screener ( adani wilmar latest news )

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Adani Wilmar Share Price
Adani Wilmar Share Price

Adani Wilmar Target Price 2023 ( adani wilmar latest news )

Looking at Adani Wilmar, apart from being a strong brand of edible oil in the FMCG sector, the company is also very much spread in many different product segments and at the same time, the company is continuously launching new products in the market from time to time. Is.

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With Adani Wilmar already a well-known brand, its potential to easily capture a good market share in the upcoming new product segment is also visible in the coming days. Gradually, as soon as the market share of Adani Wilmar is seen increasing in every product segment, the company’s business is also going to show good growth.

every product Looking at the increasing growth in the QT segment, Adani Wilmar Share Price Target Price 2023 With good returns, the first target can be seen showing you Rs 400. After that, you can think of holding Rs 430 for another target.

Adani Wilmar Target Price 2022 ( adani wilmar latest news )

Adani Wilmar, a company of Adani Group and associated with the FMCG sector, has given very good returns to the shareholders as soon as it is listed in the market due to its strong brand. Adani Wilmar is one of the leading companies in India in edible oil, and the company has strong brands like Fortune. From the edible oil business segment, Adani Wilmar sees more than 65 percent coming from this segment.

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For some time now, along with the company’s brand being very strong, it has been able to show very good growth in revenue and profit, due to which its share price can also be seen showing good growth in the coming days.

Looking at the good growth of the business, Adani Wilmar Target Price 2022 is expected to show you the first target of Rs 350 with a good jump till 2022. After this target, you will soon see another target touching Rs 360.

Adani Wilmar’s distribution network is seen as very strong all over India, where today the company has more than 5590 distributor networks in 28 states and 8 union territories. With the help of these distributors, Adani Wilmar provides its product to more than 16 lakh retail shops across India. Management has a complete plan to extend its distribution network to every small and big city in India in the coming days.

Along with this, the company seems to be showing a lot of focus on exporting its products in India as well as outside countries, till now Adani Wilmar is exporting its products in about 50 countries. Due to the growing network and strong brand of the company, the market share can be seen catching up with a lot of momentum in the coming days as well.

Due to the growing business network, Adani Wilmar Share Price Target 2025 shows good growth till 2025, you can see the first target of Rs 550. And then you can stop for the second target to be Rs 600 interest.


Q. What is the target price for Adani Wilmar?

We increase our target price to ₹595 (from ₹550), downgrade Adani Wilmar shares’ rating to reduce (from hold) given the sharp run-up (+20% in last 1m),” it added.

Q. Is Adani Power a good buy?

So, Adani Power’s share price may correct towards ₹350 levels, which would be a good buying range for the short to medium-term investors. One can buy this Adani group stock in ₹335 to ₹360 apiece range maintaining stop loss at ₹320 per share levels.”

Q. Which is the best stock to buy in Adani?

1] Adani Power: Shares of this Adani group stock had closed at ₹39.15 levels on 21st August 2020 on NSE whereas Adani Power’s share price today is ₹410.65 apiece. This means Adani Power’s share price has ascended around 10.50 times in the last two years.


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